Beautiful bike journey to Leh Ladakh

//Beautiful bike journey to Leh Ladakh

Beautiful bike journey to Leh Ladakh

Next day we started around 8:00 AM from Kelyong. It was bright and sunny day but with bad roads we couldn’t do more than 15-20 km/ hour. We had our breakfast at Jispa and continued our journey. Next biggest pass was Barchala!!!

near Jispa





Suraj Taal dried up


Random pic




Bridge to cross

Another end of the road


Road taken 



All the scenes are breathtaking ones. As and when we went higher through Nakila la, we could feel the power loss in our bikes and for the first time, I was hit by AMS!!! It took a while for me to realize and didn’t want to put myself into any trouble so took Diamox. Assuming that, it will work instantly and will help me proceed along with others. Meanwhile, others had already gone ahead of me. Still far from next destination, realizing the sense of urgency to reach before dark hits the road. Finally, I found Ansh and Ayushi, which made me feel a bit better. It was already 9:30 pm and the place was completed surrounded with darkness and bad road, all I could sense as it was the road to hell. To get into an even worse situation, Diamox didn’t help me nor I had water to drink. For a while I stood all alone waiting for help, thinking someone would come back looking for me or would find some traveler. But nothing good happened and then I realized that somehow I have to reach Pang where I can find help or my team mates. With all difficulties finally I managed to reach Pang and we all reunited once again. After reaching Pang we did a mistake by opting to stay in Tents. Found hard to sleep at night as the cold winds blowing through the sides of the tent, I slowly snuggled inside the heavy blankets and kept a light on waiting for night to pass through. Realizing the mistakes what we have been doing through the course of the journey, I decided to start early so that I can reach early. While getting the saddles loaded, noticed a layer of ice on my bike seat. Take a look at it.

Clicked in morning at 5:30 am

As I moved through Morrir Planes, bone-chilling cold made it hard to ride. The roads were simply superb with no potholes and it was a joy to find such road. For every 10 km had to stop, place my hands on the engine and silencer to keep myself warm. I desperately wanted to have something hot and there were no signs of any shops/tents. After traveling for ~ 80 km, found a tent where an old lady happily welcomed me. By looking at me she realized that I could barely move myself due to cold and quickly she lighted the stove, asked me to sit in-front of it. Also served a cup of hot tea, after having it made me feel a lot better. As time passed by, cold started to settle, I moved on towards my destination LEH.



Karu village



Finally reached Leh around 10 AM and booked a guest house closer to the town. Once I got settled, got my bike washed and a general checkup to make sure everything was just fine. I didn’t plan much for next day, So I visited Leh palace and Shanti Stupa.







Next day around 7:00 AM we departed to Khardungla. It was around 45km from Leh, we thought we would cover this place in 2 hours but again we were struck by bad road.


Water turned ICE

Around 10:40 AM we made it to the top. We played around, clicked some pictures and left to Diskit.




Look closer for the roads

House constructed on the plains

YAK Yard


Near Shyok river

Reached Diskit around 3:00 pm, booked a guest house which was well maintained. Later that day we went to Hunder ( sand dunes and camel ride ). Night at Diskit, it rained throughout the night. The owner of the guest house was a polite and humble fellow.

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